Conditions of
Using The Site

(Please ensure that
ALL campers are
aware of these
conditions, not
just the leaders)

Because the site is outstandingly beautiful and surrounded by a National Nature Reserve (Horner Woods) conditions
are imposed for the benefit of all site users – present and future, therefore please ensure all members of your party


       1) Remove live or dead timber, standing or fallen from Horner Woods - this is a National Trust restriction.
       2) Tie ropes to trees in Horner Woods outside the boundary of the site.
       3) Cut or damage any trees, shrubs or bushes around or on the site.
       4) Climb or damage any hedges, fences or gates.
       5) Tamper with the mill stream and sluices which supply private land to the east or enter that land.
       6) Build bivouacs.
       7) Bring, or allow, dogs onto the site.
       8) Bring any caravans, trailer-tents, dormobiles, generators or power saws.
       9) Leave any dams, which your party have built, in the Horner Water or any ropes tied to trees on the site
           when vacating.
     10) Leave pioneering poles scattered around the site or in the river, put them in the rack
 between the East & South
           camping fields so that other campers can have the benefit of their use.
     11) Let off fireworks on the site. This disturbs the wildlife and the villagers.



Fires - Wood is sometimes available on site. Wood may be purchased from Minehead Saw Mills on 01643 704381
or A & P Farmer (their yard is where the road to West Luccombe & Horner joins the A39) on 01643 862135 and be
delivered to the site. Restrictions may be imposed in very dry conditions. No wood, whether growing or rotting on the
ground, can be collected from the adjoining National Trust land.
Fires should normally be restricted to the recognised camp fire spots or altar fires should be used.

Water Supply
All the taps provide drinking water. The water on the site is metered so every drop used has to be paid for so please
do not waste water! As you will be aware the cost of water is increasing rapidly, so keeping down our costs will result in
cheaper camping for you.

Sanitation and Waste

The camp site now has a Toilet block, built in 2013, and all sewage is now connected to the mains (formerly septic tank).
The toilets are to be kept clean by those camping on the site and using the facilities. Toilet paper and cleaning materials
are not provided
. When several different groups are camping, it is expected that the groups will arrange toilet cleaning
between them. Please do not put wet wipes (or similar) or sanitary towels down the toilets.
Elsans should no longer be used on the site.

Trenches for sanitation are not allowed, due to the possible pollution of the adjacent river.

Waste food must be burnt or disposed of in rubbish sacks. Waste food and cooking fat etc must NOT be put down
the drains, as it can cause them to block.
If gas is the normal method of cooking, then a wood fire at appropriate
intervals for burning waste will alleviate the problem of wild and scavenging animals.

Rubbish must be either recycled, burnt or taken home - it cannot be left on site. Arrangements can be made with the
Somerset Waste Partnership to have Eurobins on site for waste. This is a private arrangement between the camping
group and SWP.

Surface filters should be used for washing-up water and the material used disposed of by burning before leaving the site.
Recycling of clean glass bottles & jars, tins and paper is encouraged and there is a recycling centre at Mart
Road, Minehead.

Because of the restrictions, by prior arrangement bivouacs may be built (provided they are dismantled after use) on the
West Somerset District Scouts' Site at Tivington (Grid Ref SS938444).

Some poles are provided for sharing with other users of the Site. However, ropes, blocks, hessian or additional
anchorage should be brought. Ropes may not be tied to trees outside the site boundaries. Whenever a rope is tied to
a tree on site the bark should be protected by sacking or similar material.